Our learning method is specially designed for children and teenagers aged 7 to 17, who are offered a set of activities carefully prepared to fit their interests.

  • We provide adapted training programs to fit all the different profiles, ages, and levels. Each camp, end-of-year trip, or excursion is carefully customized to meet the needs of the participating groups and individuals. To this end, the best tool in our hands is a direct and clear communication between the center and the organizing parents/teachers/entities to give us the necessary information to change our services for each case.
  • There is no outsourcing at M.A.R.: our entire staff has been personally formed by us. In this way, we ensure that each of them knows the facilities and the surroundings and is familiar with the working culture and the center’s modus operandi. To become part of our team, all of the coordinators and instructors must have worked first with us as trainees. As for the kitchen, we only serve homemade food to offer balanced menus of the best possible quality. We take the time to adequately pick the fresh products brought to us from the fertile plain of Murcia by the regional companies that supply us.
  • Our maximum student-teacher ratio of 10:1 enables us to guarantee the quality of the learning since all of our participants are able to receive the required attention.
  • Attaining the objectives is a big purpose for us, and the best way to achieve them is by transmitting our passion for the sea through the sports practice, and doing it easily and safely.


  1. DIRECT OBSERVATION: the instructor interacts personally with participants to follow the children’s progress.
  2. VERBAL REINFORCEMENT: the instructor’s role is essential to their engagement. S/he gives them advice, cheers them up, congratulates them when they perform well, or simply listens to their concerns and chats with them. In this way children are driven to improve and socialize with other participants.
  3. FORWARD CHAINING: the instructor marks the guidelines to follow, and after receiving a range of associated behaviors from them, these are divided in smaller goals that conform a new final objective. An example of this are the workshops.
  4. OBSERVATION OF THE STARTING POINT: taking into account the individual characteristics of the participants, facilities will be provided so that each child meets the convenient learning pace.
  5. ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT: activities will be designed based on the interests and motivation of each group.
  6. CONTINUOUS FOLLOW-UP: coordinators will monitor the learning process of the participant and carefully listen to their feedback.

Our Staff

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