• A cap, essential for sailing.
  • Several T-shirts (they will be used while sailing as well).
  • Shoes for sailing (e.g. wetsuit boots, neoprene boots, closed rubber sandals, or similar).
  • At least a couple of swimming costumes.
  • Water-resistant sun cream – high factor – and after sun lotion.
  • Items of personal hygiene such as shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant, etc.
  • “Smarter” clothes for the excursions.
  • A warm sweater, pullover, or tracksuit jacket for the night and sports trousers.
  • Bath towel, hand towel, and beach towel.
  • Flashlight (optional).
  • Sunglasses (optional).
  • Anti-mosquito lotion.
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses, we suggest you bring a spare pair.
  • Medicines + dosage instructions (when children are under medical treatment).


  • It is recommended to mark clothes with the child’s name so that they can be easily distinguished from that of other participants (there are useful special markers for this purpose).
  • Whenever the teenagers move around with the bus they must notify it to the coordinators so that they can pick them up and walk them to the center.
  • Unnecessary material: video console, mp3, etc.


The parents or guardians must provide the camp any documentation needed to allow for medical treatment (either the personal health insurance card or a photocopy of the healthcare documentation containing information of the child). The following documents are therefore needed:

- A copy of the health insurance card (sent by email with registration) + ORIGINAL

- A copy of the ID card (sent by email with registration) + ORIGINAL

- An invoice or proof of payment of the camp (sent by email with registration) + ORIGINAL

- A medical certificate indicating the absence of any physical or psychic disability that prevents the child from taking part in the camp activities (see the sections ACTIVITIES, WORKSHOPS, AND SOIREES of the web).

All the documents must be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where the CAMP DATE AND THE CHILD NAME should be clearly stated.


Participants in the camp should not be suffering from contagious illnesses or physical conditions that prevent them from taking part, in any way, in sailing.


It is not necessary for participants to bring a large amount of money to the activity. They may have some expenses during the daily spare time – when they can have an ice cream or a slush – or the night we go to the fair. Around 2 euros a day should be enough.

This said, a “camp bank” will be available for children to leave any amount of money they want. A group leader will be responsible for taking care of it during their stay at the camp. Likewise, they can place their cell phones inside a bag or mark them with a sticker and hand it to the mentioned coordinator or leader on the day of arrival to the center.

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