A deep understanding of our project and work by parents and teachers is of central importance to us. Hence, we will give a general overview regarding the objectives of the activities run in the center in the following lines.


  • Enjoy ten days (or a fortnight) of the summer participating in different activities while being in close contact with the sea.
  • Have fun with a set of day and night activities. Among them, nautical, at the beach, workshops…
  • Give the participants a solid theoretical and practical nautical knowledge so that they are able to steer the different boats by themselves by the end of their stay.
  • Promote the practice of good personal hygiene as well as cleaning habits.
  • Explore the value of friendship and consider the general will, that is, to privilege the common good over personal selfishness.
  • Increase the children’s autonomy by helping them to make their own decisions and make them appreciative and grateful for what they have.


  • Develop personal hygiene. Children will be asked to keep their rooms clean and tidy, dress appropriately, and take care of their personal belongings.
  • Encourage participation, collaboration, and friendship.
  • Support good eating habits by raising awareness on how important it is to follow a balanced diet and eat at routine times.
  • Make children understand that they have to first stick to the schedule of activities and then maximize their free time.
  • Provide them a direct experience with all sort of nautical activities.
  • Carry out activities to train manual or motor skills as well as intellectual or mental ones.


  • Education is of paramount importance in the camp: participants must show respect not only to people (their mates, camp leaders and instructors, support staff…) but also towards the facilities and someone else’s personal belongings.
  • Cultivate a taste for effort during the execution of activities and develop decision-making capacities in the face of difficult situations.
  • Train children to overcome obstacles and to pursue constant self-improvement.
  • Reward good behavior and instill such values as equality, environmental care, or critical thinking through dialogue.
  • Demand self-criticism from them.
  • Foster self-esteem.

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