M.A.R. offers recreational activities and leisure programs – most of them in combination with water sports – from the month of March to the month of October (both included). Among them:

  • Nautical summer camps for children.
  • Weekend courses of dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and canoeing.
  • Combined activities: sailing, hiking, golf, etc.
  • Training courses for companies.
  • Relaxing weekends at our facilities

If your business, company, or organization is interested in a custom-made offer, do not hesitate to contact us to explore the best option for you.

The company’s specialization is the teaching of water sports such as windsurf and dinghy sailing. Other complementary activities offered include the following: canoeing, paddleboarding (SUP), donut ski, paddle boats, beach sports, swimming, group dynamics, animation and energizers, environmental education workshops, climbing, etc. We strongly believe all these different proposals make the stay at Mar Acuatic Resort a much more integral experience and strengthen the sociocultural values and leisure that represent us.

The aquatic activities are carried out in the Mar Menor, one of the largest navigable saltwater lagoons characterized by its constant breezes and little swell that gives us the needed security to perform all the activities on a privileged leisure spot.



  • Our boats are ideal for beginners. We count with six-meter-long Spanish beginners sailboats (commonly called “gambas” or “raqueros”), which are safe and great to work with children to strengthen the values of friendship and teamwork.
  • Each day at the camp children are given a theoretical micro lesson of 20 to 30 minutes in which the basic navigation terminology is taught. They will need these concepts to be able to steer the different boats.
  • With our learning program, children are generally ready to maneuver the boats on the seventh day of the camp. It is then when they confront their last challenge: take part in a regatta.
  • The regatta consists of a circuit that is delimited by buoys strategically placed so that participants will have to apply all the previously acquired knowledge and concepts. The safety rules regarding both navigation and clothing (e.g. the use of life jackets) are made clear before the race, but a closer supervision by the instructors is carried out since they will either accompany the sailors on the boats or they will be following them with a motorboat.
  • It is the favorite activity of most teenagers. They find it a very enjoyable sport that never goes out of fashion.
  • Our F2 windsurfing boards (220 liters) are the perfect top quality equipment for beginners. Their big size offers great stability and enhances the learning experience for the children.
  • We also count with sails of different sizes ranging from 1’5 to 5’5 meters, allowing us to work with participants of all ages.
  • The working method is gradual. The children are not left alone from the beginning. Instead, they first simulate all the windsurfing moves while having their boards tied with chains to fixed pillars of the sea bottom. This system is good for two reasons: it gives the instructor the chance to correct children’s mistakes from less than a meter away, and it enables participants to practice on a fixed place, without having to fear the wind or the possibility of being physically harmed. In this way, when the instructor considers that the child is ready to progress autonomously, he will unleash the security chain.
Among the nautical activities, besides the learning of dinghy sailing and windsurf, we offer other recreational activities that complement the two mentioned sports:


  • It is the latest water sport trend. In spite of its origin, which goes back to the mean of transport used by the Polynesian people, paddleboarding was later adopted by Hawaiian surfers and evolved into what we know today. Unlike surfing, it does not necessarily need waves since the paddle is used to move through the water while standing on the board.
  • This activity is ideal for all ages. Rowing in a standing position is fun and helps to develop balance.
  • The view obtained with this discipline is better than that of others since both the surface of the water and the bottom of it can be seen while paddleboarding due to the bipedal position of the paddler.
  • We have as well a Giant PaddleBoard for Teambuilding activities where more than 10 persons can paddle together.


  • It is a fun activity for children that can be practiced in pairs or by groups of three. The exercise is very complete because it fosters teamwork, coordination, and communication.
  • The shallow depth of the Mar Menor lagoon makes it possible and safe to play games and other group dynamics there


  • This harmless activity is an enjoyable ride excellent for children to interact with each other.


  • Everyone at the camp looks forward to this ride. The participants sitting on the tube have lots of fun while being towed by a motorboat.

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